"going somewhere" feathered body sculpture

Lorra Lee Rose has been creating artwork with feathers—"preserving the essence of birds"—since 1986. A self-taught artist, she originally began making masks because of a love of costumes and disguise, working with feathers from a fascination with their radiant colors and patterns. Over years of continuous development, she has refined an intuitive process that brings an animated, alive quality to each unique piece.

The feathers that form the basis of her work come mostly from moltings, gathered from from aviaries and pet owners, and can take years to collect enough for large masks or human figures.

Lorra Lee has received numerous awards and private commissions, and her work has been exhibited internationally.

She works in her studio daily, volunteers in her community and gives workshops for children.

Lorra Lee is based in the Sierra foothills of Northern California, with her husband Andy Byrne, a metal sculpture artist. (click here to see his work).

photography by Jon Wilhelmsen web design meantimespress.com